Licencing & Pricing

Implementation fees vary from client to client, and it is entirely dependent on the complexity of the business processes our customers wish to automate. We provide our prospective customers with a detailed breakdown of expected effort needed for implementation, and any associated costs.

The license costs of any newly added modules to your service will be pro-rata based on the remaining % of time in your agreement.

We provide customers which sign yearly agreements with us with an added discount of 15%. We also provide charitable organizations (UK registered charities) with a 25% discount of all list prices.

Your license will be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the pricing model you have opted for, by default this would be monthly.

Service Level & Support

Our service provides customers with advanced data access controls and a configurable data retention policy which ensures that no data is kept beyond its need. We agree with our customers during the implementation phase an exact data schedule which enables their compliance with local data security laws and regulations, including GDPR.

Our service implements an array of security measures to ensure that our customer data is always kept secure. These measures include physical security appliances to protect our servers, encryption of your data at rest, and providing you with advanced authentication mechanisms.

Your data is kept secure on our servers which we generally guarantee will always be located within the European Union (EU). However, you can agree with us more specific locations where you would like your data to be kept in-keeping with any local regulations, including the hosting of your data outside the EU, but, this may lead to you incurring additional costs.

For any service availability issues, we will typically find out before our customers do, and will work actively to resolve any availability issues in-keeping with any agreed availability service levels. For application support, we typically respond to support tickets raised by our customers between 8 hours to 2 business days depending on the criticality of the support ticket.

We monitor our service 24×7 for any availability issues, with proactive alerting where any issues are discovered. Typically, we provide our customers with availability service levels in excess of 99.9%. Where we fall short of any service levels agreed with our customers, we provide them with generous service credits.


If you decide to terminate your subscription with us, we will provide you with a well-structured extract of all of your data. This is governed by the agreement between us and our customers. We will permanently remove all of your data, including any remote back-ups, once your agreement with us comes to an end.

Our reports are exportable into excel or CSV format, however, for more custom or complex reports, our support teams are happy to assist in generating these reports for you where the requests are deemed reasonable.

We have daily backups which are further encrypted and shipped to remote storage locations, our remote back-ups are kept for at-least 30 days. You can request our support teams to restore to a previous back-up if needed.

We work very hard to ensure that our cloud service is secure and performant to accommodate all our customers needs. However, in exceptional circumstances, we will support on-premise hosting.

Yes, we do, and we use Auth0 for this capability, however, this is dependent on the service package you select with us, and dependent on the security mode you wish to operate your service in.